The Signs of Santa Claus Village

For those of you who want to fly in and pay a visit to Santa Claus at his home, you can do that at Santa Claus Village, which is located near the city of Rovaniemi in Finland's Lapland region. The city is located right on the Arctic Circle, which officially crosses the runway of the local airport and runs straight through the entrance of Santa's village itself!

And without further adieu, here are a few signs and scenes from Santa Claus Village and around Rovaniemi: 

The Rovaniemi Airport distance pole.
Marking the spot where the Arctic Circle begins and pointing the way to Santa's village is the distance pole at the Rovaniemi Airport! This pole, like the famous one at the beginning of the American TV show M*A*S*H, lists the distances of 25 worldwide cities from Rovaniemi, including the North Pole and Santa Claus Village.

The Santa Office Building.
Here is a scene from Santa Claus Village. The pyramid roof with its lit-up Santa sign identifies the Santa Claus Office building where Santa conducts his business year in and year out. All except on Christmas Eve that is, when Santa sets off on his worldwide journey to deliver presents around the world!

Of course, Santa Claus Village wouldn't be Santa Claus Village without a shop nearby where all of his visitors can buy gifts to take home - or more appropriately, for Santa to deliver to the recipient on the night of Christmas Eve! And as the elf signs indicate, the elves have worked extra hard to have a nice selection of gifts available for all of Santa's shoppers!

A sign near Rovaniemi marking the spot where the Arctic Circle begins circa 1975.
Markers marking the spot where the Arctic Circle begins can be found all around the areas surrounding Rovaniemi. The city's first Arctic Circle marker for tourists was a stake set up by a Col. Oiva J. Willamo in 1930 that was, unfortunately, not exactly on the right spot. This stake was destroyed during World War II. Since then others have been established around the area and they are popular for a quick but highly-memorable picture stop!

If you ever get the chance to visit Santa's village or the city of Rovaniemi, you can see all of these sights and wonders and see how Santa does his magic up close! And of course, you can see all these colorful signs up close. The ones marking the spot where the Arctic Circle begins would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so don't forget your camera!

For more about Santa Claus Village (including some live camera feeds), check out its homepage at!

(Image credits: Distance pole: Lauri Silvennoinen. Santa Claus Office: Ulla. Santa shop: Jeanie Mackinder. Arctic Circle sign: Presse03.  All images used via Wikimedia Commons.)


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